Who is Andrew Bruce Smith?

In Front Of Your Nose is a blog mainly about social media, digital marketing, SEO, PPC and analytics. Although other topics do creep in from time to time. The blog is authored by Andrew Bruce Smith, founder and director of escherman – a  digital communications consultancy for marketing directors, marketing managers, in-house PR departments or PR agencies who need help in developing and executing highly effective digital PR and marketing programmes.

Tel: 020 8618 2079
E-mail: andrew@escherman.com
Parkshot House
5 Kew Road


  1. Hi Andrew

    Great to see you’ve mobilised your blog.

    You may want to add the mippin button on your right hand panel so that your readers can see how to get it working on their phone. You just add the following code to your template

    Hope this helps



  2. Karen Alford says:

    Andrew Smith (or should I say Bruce!)
    Stumbled upon you when the name Susan Iesi popped into my head and a Google Search led to you!! Looking very earnest and authoritative if I may say so. Always knew you were a bright spark! I am still in the journalism game working predominantly as a trainer – I work part-time to fit in with family life and have been freelance for 10 years. Did you ever track down any of the Retail Newsagent gang? – ohmigod, that was a long time ago. Great times and great people.
    All the best

    Karen (still Welsh and still with strong views!)


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