There are no more websites – just content: Internet Tech Boston

Neat idea.



  1. Here’s the comment I left at the original blog post:

    Great idea if you want to get over the idea of being cheeky, creative and fun (i.e. extremely niche). But if I’m visiting a website for information, I want to get it quickly, and video limits the speed at which I can get what I want. So I find video, by and large, annoying and I avoid it if possible. Like Ari, I want words and reading, so I can absorb the bits I want, at the speed I want.

    Are we setting up a paradox, here? Social Media are killing people’s attention span, and there are several examples of places using social media such as video to get a message across. But in my social media ADHD way, I can’t be bothered to wait for the video, so the the message doesn’t get across to me. So are social media ultimately self-defeating?


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