Twitter Generates $48 Million of Media Coverage in a Month – Advertising Age – Digital

Twitter received almost 3 billion impressions — 2.73 billion, to be exact — in the past month, a time period that doesn’t even include the frenzied weeks in April in which Oprah and Ellen weighed in on the micro-blogging service. TV contributed to 57% of the PR value, newspapers 37% and magazines 5%. Incidentally, Fox News bested CNN in terms of total PR value delivered by its Twitter mentions, although CNN dropped the name more often.

In reality, said VMS CEO Peter Wengryn, the number of impressions over the past 30 days could be as much as double that, considering the company doesn’t measure mentions in all the smaller newspapers around the country.

“This is huge. It’s very, very high,” said Gary Getto, VP-integrated media intelligence at VMS. “In fact, we looked at online coverage of Twitter vs. Google. Twitter is running significantly higher than Google and I didn’t think anything was more popular than Google.”

In contrast, the media value of the coverage given to Microsoft’s Bing was just $573,834, and the reach of its free media came in at just 63 million impressions.

Presumably these valuations are based on advertising equivalence – sigh.



  1. I find this interesting Andrew. There is no doubt Twitter is still significantly over hyped and over valued at the moment, as Facebook was a couple of years ago, and Friends Reunited was two years before that (Poor old ITV). I wonder which will be the next social media channel to join this rapidly evolving hype cycle. How Advertising Age actually made these calculations would be of interest. Keep up the good work.


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