Guardiantech: 564,698 Twitter followers: 0.4pc (or less) click through rate on links

The Guardian Technology Twitter account has 564,698 followers (as of lunch time today). Helpfully, they use bitly as their URL shorterner of choice for distributing links for Guardian news stories and blog posts. Which means anyone can see the click through rates for any given link. Looking at the last week or so, the highest I’ve found so far is around 2.300 for this story.  Generally, the click through rates are around the 1,500 mark.

So – even with a huge bunch of followers, the click through rates for links put out by Guardiantech on Twitter are around 0.4pc or less.  (Now and again, a link of mine might generate 150 – 200 click throughs – so as a percentage of my Twitter followers (606) that’s not too bad).

Of course, you could use Backtweet to determine where else the links end up – but even here the numbers aren’t huge.

The really interesting data from a PR standpoint would be how many views a story  or post gets in total from all sources – and only the site owners have that data. Getting access to that would help PRs to better understand the value/influence of the coverage they generate.

Also – adding followers doesn’t necessarily translate into increased link click throughs.



  1. Great insight. Numbers mean bugger all. Content and relevance are the key measures of influence. See:


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