Blog post inspires MSc PR dissertation topic – input wanted

I received an e-mail recently from Robert Corbishley of Stirling University who said that my blog post about the value placed on print versus online coverage had inspired him to write his MSc PR dissertation around the subject.

According to Robert, he’ll be looking at what three different groups think about the value of print versus web coverage – namely, the editorial staff of titles, their readers, and PR agency professionals who work with them. Do these groups agree on the value of print v. web? How do they think their views will change in 5 years time ?

Robert is looking for input from all three groups to help provide robust evidence and input to the research. So if you have any views or thoughts on the matter, please e-mail Robert here.



  1. Excellent Blog every one can get lots of information for any dissertation writing topics from this blog nice work keep it up.


  2. I think nowadays you need to combine online and offline media coverage


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