Jack Schofield at The Guardian bullies hapless PR blogger

That’s the headline (sort of) that Guardian Technology Editor Charles Arthur suggested I use. As regular readers may have noticed, this blog has had a theme redesign. And Jack Schofield is the reason. Last Friday evening, whilst indulging in a bit of Twitter banter, Jack pointed out that he thought my previous blog theme was difficult to read. And having looked at it again, I decided I agreed with him. A few minutes of poking around the available themes on WordPress and I came up with this one. It is simple, clean – and most importantly, readable. And Jack gave his thumbs up.

An example of how PR can react quickly to journalist feedback in the modern world.



  1. Like it. Very clean. Elegant almost.


  2. It’s true, your old design was a bit bad. I like this better.


  3. Andrew Bruce Smith says:

    @Wadds @sally

    I guess the problem was “In Front Of My Nose” all the time….anyway, glad you like the new version – bit silly of me to have been putting people off reading due to an inappropriate blog design.


  4. Clean design, but the core content (ie. your post) only occupies a tiny proportion of the page.

    Reminds me, must redesign mine when I get a moment…



  5. LOL – love the new design! It’s a great theme.


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