What is your Twitter Grade?

Hubspot Internet Marketing – the people who brought you Website Grader and Press Release Grader – have recently unveiled Twitter Grader, designed, as they describe it, to “measure the relative power of a Twitter user.”

They continue: “Your grade is calculated using a combination of factors including:

* The number of followers you have
* The power of this network of followers
* The pace of your updates
* The completeness of your profile
* …a few others.”

For the record, I currently have a score of 66 (this means I score higher than 66 percent of the other user profiles that have been graded).

Clearly I need to up my Twitter game. A random selection of other notable Twitterers show much higher scores. Or perhaps I need to better understand what those “few other” factors are that contribute to higher grading.

Rory Cellan Jones – Tech Correspondent – BBC = 95

Chris Green – Editor IT Pro = 87

Stephen Waddington – MD – Rainier PR = 82

And in case you were wondering who ranks number one? Step forward top Twitterer, Barack Obama – where does he find the time?



  1. Funny that you should list those three celeb grades, they look low to me. I know a lot of people who are close to 100 and my own score is 99.6


  2. Is this reliable? This started as 46, then 47, 48 and now 49…but about 2hrs ago it was showing 26…is it in the deloping stage.should I show it on my blog-page in this stage…


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