Management Today Editor Matthew Gwyther on “desperate PRs”

Management Today Editor Matthew Gwyther has just come back from holiday to find 1,024 e-mails in his in-box.

As he points out, 95% of those emails are “dross”. Sadly, the blame can’t be laid at the door of spammers offering him “four gross of Cialis for $129.99.”

No, unfortunately, the culprits are “desperate PRs” who have sent him “no-hope press releases”.

Assuming he want away for 2 weeks that suggests he was sent around 900 useless press releases – or 450 a week or around 90 a day – assuming a five day working week. Or assuming an 8 hour day that’s just over 11 press releases per hour – or one press release every 5 mins (if we was only away for a week, it looks even more dire).

I know it starts to get boring raising the issue of carpet bombing journalists with irrelevant press releases – but it doesn’t exactly help the PR cause when the editor of one of Britain’s top business mags is subjected to such amateurism.



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