PR is evil. Discuss.



  1. Interesting. Using PR to attack PR. Is PR evil? Check out this article by Charles Cooper at CNET:


  2. PR is not essentially evil because it’s just a cog within the big production line known as ‘ modern day society’

    You could however say our materialist consumerist society is evil. Companies,politicians, PRs, journalists, advertisers, marketers, celebrities, individuals etc etc can all play their part in bending, polishing and manipulating the truth from time to time (whether they admit it in the cold light of day or not).

    Maybe Web 2:0 will eventually change this….ummmm?


  3. Andrew Bruce Smith says:

    @Andrew – thaks for the Charles Cooper tip – I have commented on his story there.

    @Annabel – clearly PR is not intrinsically evil. As Andrew pointed out, curious how John Stauber is using PR to trash PR.


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