The return of Andrew Bruce Smith

As promised back in December 2007, here is the shiny new location of the blog formerly known as The New View From Object Towers.

Just getting used to the WordPress way of doing things – but so far, so good. And I have to say that the import process from Typepad was painless – very neat.

Suffice to say there will be a lot more happening around here in the next few days, weeks and months. So stay tuned.

And if you are wondering what the hell Escherman is, that’s the name of my new business. Website will up at in the next week or so.

Good to be back.



  1. Welcome back Mr S – we missed ya.


  2. Andrew Bruce Smith says:

    I didn’t think anyone would notice 😉

    FX: Blush


  3. Glad to see you back in the fold.


  4. Looking forward to seeing what it’s all about next month mate. Welcome back!



  5. Sally et al beat me too it. Welcome back pal. We’ve missed you. Can’t wait to see what you’re up too.


  6. Hmm… this wouldn’t happen to be Andrew Smith ex Mackie Academy?
    Thought I’d say hello – Stuck in back of beyopnd in Kazakhstan (an awful lot of back of beyond here!). Its minus 20 and flat. Stumbled across this while googling old school contacts

    Cheers, Gordon


  7. Andrew Bruce Smith says:

    @Wadds – cheers – I’ve missed you all too 😉

    @Gordon – yes, that’s me! Great to hear from you. Dare I ask what the hell you are doing in Kazakhstan? For the benefit of other readers, Gordon was an old school mate – we haven’t seen each other for nearly 27 years – and I played in a band with his older brother Colin – the power of the web eh?


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