How to get coverage on BBC Click with Chris Long

Knock a glass of champagne over him. Congrats to the PR who did that a few moments ago – barely 8pm and already people falling over – marvelous!

And ex-colleague Nicky Alvey asked me to mention the porn tree – apparently it will mean something to people who worked at Brodeur in the late 90s.

Anyway – we are all waiting breathlessly for the awards to begin.

Drink count: +2 glasses of wine.



  1. sh*t it wasn’t me was it…?


  2. I’m still no wiser about the porn tree – can someone elucidate?


  3. The porn tree – ah those were the days. No – no further details available for public consumption.


  4. Sorry about the late arrival to this one – it was, I think, a simple miscommunication, I said ‘I will run the story if you give me champagne’ and then when they threw it it missed my mouth – which, given I am a journalist, is as a spectacular miss as you are likely to get…

    Although, Andrew: for goodness sake, blogging when you could be drinking, get a grip man!



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