Self-facilitating media node

That’s what my friend Fiona Campbell-Howes described me as on a recent Facebook wall post.

She was referring to the the number of news links I post on my Facebook profile. It actually doesn’t take long to do – a combination of Google Reader and  the Firefox/Facebook share toolbar utility means you can find and post within seconds. 

Along with another Facebook app – Google Reader Shared Items – it is very easy to get a quick handle on the things that are interesting people at a given point.

The portal like nature of Facebook grows by the day.



  1. I wish I could claim credit for that particular appellation, but sadly that must go to either Chris Morris or Charlie Brooker.

    Keep the links coming, though, Andrew, it makes me feel like spending time on Facebook is, you know, actual genuine work.

    Now to sort out exactly what my name *is*…


  2. 😉


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