Blog voicemail – now added

Following the tip from Amanda Chapel at Strumpette I’ve added voicemail  to my blog – go to the top right of the home page and feel free to say what you think – all views considered.



  1. But why? What’s up with comments?


  2. Wadds – cos I suffer from “see a widget, add a widget” syndrome 😉 You may have noticed that my blog is awash with all manner of the things – just like to try things out and see how they work – mind you, could probably do with having a spring clean – beginning to get a bit cluttered around here…..


  3. Maybe ditch the Twitter one – you’ve been at B&Q for days!

    I’m still trying to like Twitter, but I just can’t find a use for it in my life. Maybe this means I’m finally getting old. Or that I don’t have any friends. Or that I’m getting old and don’t have any friends.

    Modern technology is so cruel.


  4. You’re such a Web 2.0 geek. Snapshots is neat. As are Pandora and Last FM obviously, but I reckon Twitter and web voicemail are a case of technology looking for an application.


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