The Inquirer puts the boot into Lighthouse PR

The Inquirer has taken great exception to Lighthouse PR’s press release regarding the quality of recent senior PR job applicants.

Describing the firm as "a beacon of pomposity in an ocean of spin", Evil Doctor Spinola continues by saying:

The bunnies complain about receiving podcasts, soft porn photos of
applicants and teaser campaigns where candidates sent items of
underwear over the course of a week. Four percent of applicants
admitted that they had either faced disciplinary action or been sacked
from a previous role. Peculiar pastimes cited included: ‘Wicka and
Occult Magik’, ‘Nudity and Naturalism’, ‘Ferret-legging’ and ‘Cheese

Now, call me old fashioned, but surely that’s precisely the kind of
imaginative approach required to stand out from the grey, faceless
no-hopers who make up the mainstream of the PR industry?

The use of podcasts, etc, does indeed show a level of creativity – but like much in our shiny new PR 3.0 world, if not done well, can prove more hindrance than help.

Perhaps Lighthouse ought to share with the good Doctor some of the material received – he might take a different view when confronted with the hard evidence.


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