DIY PR polls

You may notice a new widget in the sidebar – namely a poll courtesy of Vizu.

Thought I’d pick something anodyne just to test it out. On the surface, Vizu seems quite a neat concept – you can easily create online polls and get some basic analysis of the results such as by gender, geography, etc.

I’m sure it won’t put the big research firms out of business overnight – but at the low end (and lets face it, how many press releases have we seen based on survey results of 100 or less), another example of how the Internet is commoditising certain sectors.



  1. Where does it get my demographic info from? when all I do is click? My IP address isn’t going to give you my gender…


  2. If you actually register with Vizu, you have the option of providing a certain amount of demographic info (not for public view of course) – the idea being presumably the more people who provide demographic info, the more accurate the analysis becomes of each poll. Of course, that assumes that people will be honest in the demographic info they supply. How many people have claimed a free sub to a mag by filling out spurious info?


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