If Vista were a rock star, which one would it be?

Tim Dyson has posted on how doing PR for Microsoft Vista is a bit different to Windows 95 this time around.

And Tim should know. Microsoft was a very early client for the fledging Text 100 in the mid-80s – and they’ve never gone away.

However, I was rather intrigued and amused by the following passage:

"If you think about Windows in this way you realize that the comms challenge with Windows is quite unique in technology terms. Indeed the challenge could be likened to that of an aging rock star that is trying to attract a new generation of admirers. It’s a tough trick to pull off but some manage it and I for one wouldn’t bet against Microsoft even if Vista hasn’t got off to the high profile bang it did when it scored it’s big hit in ’95."

Aside from debating, the claim that the PR challenge for Windows is unique, lets have everyone’s suggestions as to what ageing rock star Vista could be compared to. And lets have no mentions of getting big, fat, bloated and complacent in either context please.



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