75pc of UK plc senior managers to retire in next 3 years?

According to Management Today:

A considerable majority of the UK’s senior managers are due to retire in the next three years, claims a new leadership report from the Hay Group this week. The report states that up to three-quarters of the country’s senior executive managers will have collected the gold watch and donned their slippers by 2010. That means a pretty substantial upheaval in the higher echelons of UK plc is in the offing, and brings the perennial debate about succession planning back into sharp focus.

75pc is an extraordinarily high number – as implied here, who is going to fill their shoes?

Made me think about the PR industry –  increasing numbers of over-40s and above are getting out of the business altogether – which I guess is a form of "retiring". Will the PR industry’s woes be further compounded by the increasing lack of "grey hair".


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