The hidden dangers of Skype voicemail

Somebody left me a Skype voicemail last week – however, they didn’t close the call down properly – so their microphone carried on recording their conversation in the office – let’s just say that a few unflattering remarks about their own company and business partners were made that  I’m sure they  wouldn’t want repeating.

So – always remember to check you’ve properly closed down your Skype call connection…..



  1. It’s an old story, just a different technology. We all know people that have done the same with voicemails. You’ve got to be so careful. Honesty and open communication has to be the default policy. We’ve all got a story of a text messages or email that was misdirected or replied-to rather than forwarded.


  2. You maybe interested in this as well. Since the Skype 3.0 beta version of Windows has been released there are many new extras, one of them can automatically translate your chat messages to many different languages and in real time, your chat messages can also be spoken in many different languages as well. For more information


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