Brands to blame for lack of Web innovation: John Hegarty

Fighting talk from well known ad man John Hegarty, chairman of BBH, in today’s Marketing Week.

He basically slams brand owners for failing to grasp the opportunity of the Internet.

Among his spikier comments are: "Agencies get kicked a lot – we’re behind the curve according to clients. We’re not. It’s the clients who are behind the curve. They’ve got to understand this is a medium where you’ve got to let go and they don’t want to."

So its all the client’s fault. But surely we on the agency side haven’t yet demonstrated clearly to client’s why and how they can and should let go?



  1. Hi, Andrew

    You cannot escape, when you are out in the Blogosphere.

    I spotted your blog listed on Stephen Waddington’s blog… he of Rainier, late of A-plus.

    They have just signed up to merge with Loewy leaving only you beyond my grasp… that is if you take Simmo seriously (or not)… and Paul Maher is a Rainier client…

    How’s tricks.

    Obviously, I don’t agree with your record selection… a little too early 80s (and BEFORE!). Are you a rocker or a hippy or a smelly?


  2. Hi Charlie – I know you know that blog comments are public – in which case I may perhaps converse with you in private about matters such as whether I’m a smelly or not, etc 😉


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