Computer Weekly readers name Steve Jobs as greatest IT person of last 40 years – could it be more ironic?

Computer Weekly has just published the results of its 40th anniversary issue reader poll into who is the greatest IT person of all.

Step forward Steve Jobs.  But what an ironic outcome. Computer Weekly readers are pretty much all corporate/enterprise IT folk – clearly they don’t believe in translating their praise for Jobs into buying and using Apple products in a business environment. Not only this, but they rated Apple as the number one company of the last 40 years – perhaps everyone secretly wants to use Apple in a corporate environment but just won’t admit it

Even more bemusing was that Martha Lane Fox of fame ranked at number 10 – maybe I missed something, but I don’t think even she made any claims whatsoever to being an IT person.

Readers also named the GUI as the most important software development –  again, another  hat tip to  Apple.


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