Humour in enterprise software marketing?

My attention has been drawn to this latest marketing wheeze from Business Objects.

No question it’s slickly produced (and probably cost an arm and a leg). And you can see what they are trying to do – using humour to inject some interest and diffentiation into an otherwise dry subject. However, in spite of trying to come across a la The Office, I think it fails on one fundamental point – it isn’t funny.

That’s my view at least – I’d welcome anybody else’s comedy rating on this one.



  1. It was… _almost_ funny, I’d say. But I’ve no idea what they’re trying to sell.


  2. Spot on – a fatal flaw if ever there was one 😉


  3. Those beginning credits are *way* too long – I almost stopped watching before it started. They need a Scrubs-style short and pithy intro.

    It’s a pretty good attempt so all credit to them, but it didn’t actually make me laugh. As to what they’re selling, well I guess it’s more of a brand awareness exercise?

    Also, it’s probably not a good idea to have a whole sidebar telling people how incredibly hilarious it all is.


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