How much do your clients earn?

Well, thanks to web-based service Payscale , you can easily find out. Or rather, you can find out what the typical salary and benefits package for a particular job title is in an industry sector. And it covers the UK. What’s interesting is that it takes into account things like years of experience, etc. Having done a quick test it does seem to provide a pretty accurate guide.

According to this, the average technology company marketing director has a base salary of around £70K per year – the highest salaries just topping £100K per year. Other benefits such as bonus, etc can add another 20 – 30K to these figures.

Tom Foremski has more detail here – interesting that the av. Silicon Valley VP of marketing earns around $165K per annum – or around £87K – so not terribly dissimiliar to the UK.

Silicon Valley Watcher–reporting on the business and culture of innovation.

Additional Info:

Company overview:⊂=overview

Managment bios:⊂=exec

HR Exec press release:⊂=pr&pr=101


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