Runes vs Gartner et al

According to Martin Banks: "If
you promise not to laugh I’ll tell you a little secret: for many years
I have been interested in the ancient art (if art it be) of the Runes
as a guide to life, the universe and everything. Most people use them
as a guide to their personal lives. Some people put far too much faith
in them.
it recently struck me that people in industry put similar amounts of
faith in the outpourings of the market and technology analysts which,
despite all their talk of models and methodologies are just modern
rune-reading diviners – or should that be guessers? The only difference
is that their runes are made of mangled numbers rather than bits of
wood and bone."

Read the full piece for Martin’s Rune-driven analysis of the IT industry. As he says, some of those analyst companies would have charged $250K for similiar insight.


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