Weber Shandwick’s Podcasting Toilet?

A waggish reader at tech PR gossip site the The World’s Leading  has posted an amusing critique of a story in today’s PR Week about the new Weber Shandwick Podcast Studio.

Having now read the original PR Week article, it does seem rather curious that an agency apparently kitting out a room the size of a large cupboard (or small toilet) with a table, chairs, a couple of microphones and a PC, seems to merit such attention.


  1. And is a good example of how PR Week treats ‘big agency coughs’ as news but is almost certain to have ignored something similar by a small or regional agency.


  2. Weber who…? Oh, Shandwick!

    An amusing take on the screamingly insular world of PR Week is flagged up by tech PR gossip site …the world’s leading… in it’s post ‘Podcast Nano’. My favourite out-take is this: Aside from the fact that PR Week seems


  3. Heh – I sent that one in to NTK, as well. It’s hilarious.


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