The New Spin Bunny?

Thanks to David Rossiter Analyst Insight: A Successor to Spin Bunny? and Stuart Bruce
for alerting us to the existence of a new pretender to the Warrenmeister’s crown – The World’s Leading Gossip Site for People Working In Or Around Technology PR.

It is an anonymous blog, natch, but there a few clues sprinkled around its postings already that it probably won’t take too long to work out who is behind it. 

Drew B. hints that this may be Spin Bunny in a new guise –  based on her, erm, soft spot for him – and the fact he is one of only two PR bloggers getting some link love.

As Drew says, the likes of Firefly, Hotwire and Inferno seem to have been the early targets for sniping. Quite how long they can keep this up without someone calling in Sue, Grabbit and Run remains to be seen.


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