Can someone explain how PubSub Link Ranks work?

I’m probably being a dunce, but I was looking at  the PubSub Community Lists: The PR List – according to its 30-day list rank, The New View From Object Towers ranked at number 15  – in fact, it appeared to be at number 10 the day before as its dropped 5 places.

Question is, why is this blog getting such a high ranking? I feel as though I should be pleased by this, but I don’t know why…..



  1. Hi Andrew

    I’m glad someone raised this point becasue it’s had me flummoxed for months but I was too ashamed to admit it!

    I’ve been blogging for about 4 months now but my blog doesn’t get a listing… while other blogs that I know are dormant get great ratings! It don’t make no sense.


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