Son of Smith – early arrival!

Archie Henry Alexander Smith arrived yesterday at 3.08pm. A few weeks ahead
of schedule, but mother and baby fine.

Pic of the wee man below – clearly he is destined to be the the first
Scotsman to score the winner in a World Cup final, a famous rock guitarist,
the most gifted writer of his generation since George Orwell and a great PR
man – all at the same time! No pressure there then 😉

Many thanks to those who have already sent congrats and good wishes.

Back to the hospital now.




  1. Hi Andrew,

    Many congratulations to you all!



  2. more congrats – and I hope you all get some sleep soon!


  3. Congrats from the other half of SandM…


  4. Oh, good lord, that’s brilliant news. Congratulations to you all!


  5. Well done, the three of you. Keep a diary, and see if that can save you from making the same mistake we all made – of doing it all again in three years!


  6. Hi Andrew – been shifting platforms so lost track of this and am updating everything…CONGRATULATIONS -and what fantastic good ‘ol fashioned names.

    The wee fella has go that cuddly look that 90% of PRs have so he should go a long way…


  7. Stephen Waddington says:

    Congratulation Andy 🙂


  8. Sarah Turberville and Laurence Heron says:

    Congratulations from two old lags in Australia … you’ll know you are alive now!


  9. good job sir. he looks a likely lad. i have a new wean and all.


  10. Congratulations!


  11. Andrew,congrats to you all.


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