Which tech PR agencies are going bust in the next 6 months?

Tim Dyson is teasing us all by predicting that a couple of very well known tech PR companies are likely to go bust in the next few months.

As Dyson says: “The firms won’t be small fry, they’ll be businesses that have been around a while and have taken steps to build up internationally. Their demise will be a result of two equal and opposite forces: a drive in one direction to go global while at the same time being driven in the other direction to be more local. These are tough pressures for medium sized businesses to take on at the best of times. The agencies I see being at risk are ones that became too dependent on one or two clients and equally a handful of their staff. If this mix changes even slightly in such businesses, the results are not pretty. Take a look at the big pieces of business in the tech PR market to move and then also at what staff moves have taken place and you might see what I mean. I won’t name names right now as I’d actually prefer it if these businesses stay alive but let’s put it this way, if they’re still alive in six months I’ll be shocked.”

So – shall we play the game of who is going to disappear?


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