Fatherhood – got any advice?

After all these years, the wife and I will be (all things being well) joining the ranks of parenthood in December. The 27th is the alleged date, though something tells me its either going to be the 25th or New Year’s Day.

Blimey. Naturally we’re both excited and scared in equal measures.

Now that we’ve been begun telling family and friends, I realise we have unleashed an undocumented torrent of advice on the whole subject. If anybody has any useful advice to lend on the subject I’m all eyes and ears.



  1. Hey, many congratulations, Andrew.

    You’ll find that the wise parent gives not of unsought advice (it’s very easy to appear to be insulting either other people’s parenting skills, or, worse, their child(ren)).

    That said, there are many unwise parents. And more significantly, you are seeking advice. All I’d say at the moment is, try to go out as much as you can for the next few months, because it might be a long time before you can after December.

    And if you’ve got any specific questions, feel free to ask.


  2. Congratulations!


  3. Stephen Waddington says:

    Congratulations Andy 🙂


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