Former colleagues – where are they now? Part One

I realise FriendsReunited has a section to allow you to get in touch with former colleagues – however, its no use if they don’t actually sign up. It occurred to me that the blogosphere could be an alternative route to getting back in touch with people. (And yes, I know Google is the answer to everything, but this is more fun).

My working career began in 1985 at the Retail Newsagent Tobacconist and Confectioner. One of the UK’s oldest trade weeklies (founded in the late 19th century), I arrived at a time when the retail/wholesale side of publishing got interesting (with Rupert Mudorch, Wapping, and the move from rail to road distribution). Also co-incided with the launch of the first national newspapers in a generation – Today, The Independent, etc.

However, whatever to:

Brian VinerBrian_viner – staff writer – well, I know what happened to Brian. He went on via the Ham and High and the Mail on Sunday to be become a fixture columnist at The Independent, where he is now. The look on his face  as he lost a 2000 word feature through hitting the wrong key on his Amstrad PCW8256 is an abding memory. I did email a few years back at the Indepedent, but got no reply.

John Haylett – my first editor. And tennis nut. He was editing Tennis Monthly a few years back, but no idea where he is now.

Susan Iesi – features editor. No-one could write a 1000 word feature on confectionery like her. Google draws a great big zip.

Karen May – staff writer. Welsh, strong views. Went travelling for awhile, but apparently did end up back in journalism – but where?

Belinda Archer – staff writer. Went  on to  Campaign, and freelance work.  Byline in the Guardian in 2000, but no sightings since.

Nick Shanagher – Deputy News Editor – Irish/Australian. Ribbed me mercilessly. Was Editor of Local Government Chronicle in the early 90s, but not heard of since.

Who knows – perhaps somebody out there might have some clues.



  1. Have you tried I’ve found quite a few people through the site…


  2. sami&jesse shanagher says:

    nick is my uncle an jesses dad we know who he is an wat hes doin, an wat do u mean he ribbed someone mercilessly.


  3. “Rib mercilessly” = make fun of. Suffice to say, even though Nick had a few jokes at my expense, it was all taken in the right spirt


  4. Alejandra Sanchez says:

    I am trying to find Susan Iesi. I lived in her home in Crystal Palace, London in 1989-1990. Currently, I am living in Vancouver.


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